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Fiestas in the province of Cordoba

  • El Carpioon December 8  approx.

    Immaculate Conception
  • Torrecampoon December 8  approx.

    Medieval Market
  • Montemayoron December 15  approx.

    Christmas Fair
  • Cordobafrom December 24 to January 5

  • Hinojosa del Duqueon January 17  approx.

    Anthony the Great
  • Obejoon January 17  approx.

    Anthony the Great
  • Alcaracejoson January 20  approx.

    Saint Sebastian
  • Fuente Obejunaon January 20  approx.

    Fiestas del Patron
  • Hinojosa del Duquefrom January 20 to February 3

    Verbena de San Sebastian, Candelaria y San Blas
  • Montemayoron January 20  approx.

    Saint Sebastian

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