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Outstanding Fiestas in Galicia

  • Arcade (Pontevedra)on April 3  approx.

    Oyster Festival
  • Padron (La Coruna)on April 5  approx.

  • Tuy (Pontevedra)on April 14  approx.

    Saint Telmo
  • Arbo (Pontevedra)on April 28  approx.

    Lamprey Festival
  • Ribadavia (Ourense)on April 30  approx.

    Wine Festival
  • Muimenta (Lugo)on May 1  approx.

    Filloa Festival
  • Orense (Ourense)on May 3  approx.

    May Day
  • Santiago de Compostela (La Coruna)on May 10  approx.

    The Ascension
  • Redondela (Pontevedra)on May 10  approx.

    Cuttlefish Festival
  • Boimorto (La Coruna)on May 15  approx.

    Saint Isidore

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