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Outstanding Fiestas in Aragon

  • Barbastro (Huesca)on March 18

    Crespillo Festival 2018
  • Calanda (Teruel)on April 5  approx.

    Holy Week
  • Tauste (Zaragoza)from April 20 to April 23

    Virgin of Sancho Abarca
  • Fraga (Huesca)on April 23  approx.

    Day of the Skirt
  • Huescaon April 23  approx.

    Saint George
  • Jaca (Huesca)on May 3  approx.

    First Friday of May
  • Borja (Zaragoza)on May 3  approx.

    May Fiesta
  • Terrer (Zaragoza)on May 17  approx.

    San Pascual Bailon
  • Daroca (Zaragoza)on May 25  approx.

    Corpus Christi
  • Caspe (Zaragoza)on June 25  approx.

    Compromise of Caspe

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