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Outstanding Fiestas in the Valencian Community

  • Cocentaina (Costa Blanca)on November 1  approx.

    All Saints' Fair
  • Villareal (Castellon)on November 25  approx.

    Saint Catherine Fair
  • Torrevieja (Costa Blanca)on December 8  approx.

    Inmaculate Conception
  • Elche (Costa Blanca)from December 28 to December 29

    Virgin's arrival
  • Ibi (Costa Blanca)on December 28  approx.

    Winter Fiesta
  • Jalance (Valencia)on December 28  approx.

    Los Locos
  • Alcoy (Costa Blanca)on January 5  approx.

    Three Kings' Parade
  • Canada (Costa Blanca)from January 6 to January 7

    Auto Sacramental de los Reyes Magos
  • Canals (Valencia)from January 16 to January 18

    Saint Anthony
  • Benicassim (Castellon)on January 17  approx.

    Anthony the Great

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