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Fiestas in the region of Murcia

  • Molina de Seguraon September 29  approx.

    Fiesta of San Miguel
  • Totanaon October 1  approx.

    Fiesta of San Francisco
  • Bullason October 4  approx.

    Our Lady of the Rosary
  • Aguilason October 5  approx.

    Fiesta of Las Majadas/Molinetas
  • Molina de Seguraon October 5  approx.

    Moors and Christians
  • Molina de Seguraon October 6  approx.

    Fiesta of Santa Barbara
  • Santomeraon October 6  approx.

    Fiesta of Santomera
  • Torre-Pachecoon October 7  approx.

    October Fiesta
  • Alhama de Murciaon October 7  approx.

    October Fiesta
  • Corveraon October 7  approx.

    Our Lady of the Rosary

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