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Outstanding Fiestas in Spain

  • Huescaon January 22  approx.

    Saint Vincent
  • Villarta de San Juan (Ciudad Real)from January 23 to January 26

    Las Paces
  • San Pablo de los Montes (Toledo)from January 24 to January 25

    Saint Paul
  • Barranda (Murcia)on January 25  approx.

    Folk Festival
  • Carinena (Zaragoza)on January 29  approx.

    Saint Valerius
  • Zaragozaon January 29  approx.

    Saint Valerius
  • Lalin (Pontevedra)on January 31  approx.

    Stew Fair
  • Alcoy (Costa Blanca)on January 31  approx.

    Procession of Jesuset del Miracle
  • Almendralejo (Badajoz)on February 2  approx.

    Las Candelas
  • Arbancon (Guadalajara)on February 2  approx.


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