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Fiestas in Asturias

  • Benia of Onison October 19  approx.

    Saint Peter of Alcantara Fair
  • Villayonon October 31  approx.

    All Saints' Fair
  • Alleron November 11  approx.

    Los Humanitarios de San Martin, Moreda
  • Gozonon November 11  approx.

    San Martin en Bocines
  • Taramundion November 11  approx.

    Saint Martin
  • Villayonon November 11  approx.

    Feria de San Martin
  • Penamellera Altaon November 12  approx.

    San Millan, Besnes
  • Valdeson November 25  approx.

    Saint Catherine Fair
  • Alleron November 26  approx.

    El Mercaon, Cabanaquinta
  • Cabraleson November 30  approx.

    San Andres, Carrena

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