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Fiestas in Asturias

  • Gozonon December 18  approx.

    Nuestra Senora en Viodo
  • Cabraleson December 22  approx.

    Santo Tomas, Pandiello
  • Ibiason December 23  approx.

    San Clemente
  • Avilesfrom December 24 to January 5

  • Gozonon December 26  approx.

    San Esteban en Viono
  • Pongaon January 1  approx.

    El Guirria, San Juan de Beleno
  • Illason January 7  approx.

    San Julian, Callezuela
  • Onison January 7  approx.

    Saint Julian, El Pedroso
  • Cabraleson January 17  approx.

    Anthony the Great
  • Cangas de Onison January 17  approx.

    Anthony the Great, Corao

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