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Fiestas in Asturias

  • Cabraleson January 23  approx.

    San Ildefonso, El Escorial
  • Candamoon February 2  approx.

    Las Candelas, San Roman
  • Illason February 2  approx.

    Las Candelas, La Peral
  • Proazafrom February 2 to February 3

    La Candela y San Blas
  • Candamoon February 3  approx.

    San Blas, Aces
  • Carrenoon February 3  approx.

    San Blas, Piedeloro
  • Naviaon February 3  approx.

    San Blas, Sante
  • Riberason February 3  approx.

    Saint Blaise
  • Tapia de Casariegoon February 3  approx.

    Saint Blaise
  • Luancoon February 5  approx.

    February Fiesta

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