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Outstanding Fiestas in Andalusia

  • Alcaudete (Jaen)on July 8  approx.

    Medieval Festival
  • Rincon de la Victoria (Costa del Sol)on July 16  approx.

  • San Fernando (Cadiz)on July 16  approx.

  • Punta Umbria (Huelva)on July 16  approx.

  • Bailen (Jaen)from July 17 to July 22

    Battle of Bailen
  • Purchena (Almeria)on July 23  approx.

    Morisco Games
  • Roquetas de Mar (Almeria)from July 23 to July 26

    Saint Anne - Port
  • El Viso (Cordoba)on July 26  approx.

    Saint Anne
  • Rota (Cadiz)on August 2  approx.

    Urta Festival
  • Iznate (Costa del Sol)on August 2  approx.

    Fiesta de la Uva Moscatel

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