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Fiestas in Cantabria

  • Puente Viesgoon January 20  approx.

    La Perola de Vargas
  • Camargoon January 22  approx.

    San Vicente Martir
  • Medio Cudeyoon January 22  approx.

    San Vicente Morcillero, Cecenas
  • Poteson January 22  approx.

    San Vicente Martir
  • Cieza (Cantabria)on January 28  approx.

    San Tirso
  • Saroon January 28  approx.

    San Tirso
  • Cabezon de la Salon February 2  approx.

    The Candles, Casar de Periedo
  • Bareyoon February 3  approx.

    Saint Blaise
  • La Montanaon February 3  approx.

    Saint Blaise
  • Matamorosaon February 5  approx.

    Saint Agatha

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