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Fiestas in the province of Granada

  • Galerafrom December 15 to December 23

    La Misa de los Gozos
  • Izborfrom December 24 to December 25

    Saint Joseph
  • Granadaon December 31  approx.

    New Year's Eve
  • Jeteon January 1  approx.

    Virgen de Bodijar
  • Alpujarra de la Sierraon January 2  approx.

    Nino Bendito, Yegen
  • Granadaon January 2  approx.

    Toma de Granada
  • Galeraon January 4  approx.

    Rosario de San Aquilino
  • Granadaon January 5  approx.

    Three Kings' Parade
  • Beas de Granadaon January 6  approx.

    Grape-Juice Festival
  • Galerafrom January 15 to January 18

    Fiestas de San Anton

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