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Outstanding Fiestas in Castile and Leon

  • Valladolidon May 13  approx.

    Saint Peter de Regalado
  • Almazan (Soria)on May 17  approx.

    Saint Paschal
  • Miranda de Ebro (Burgos)on May 20  approx.

    Saint John of the Mountain
  • Benavente (Zamora)on May 25  approx.

    Fiesta of the Tied Up Bull
  • Bejar (Salamanca)on May 26  approx.

    Moss Men
  • Palenciaon May 28  approx.

    Little Fair
  • Laguna de Negrillos (Leon)on June 1  approx.

    Corpus Christi
  • Hospital de Orbigo (Leon)on June 3  approx.

    Medieval Fair
  • Burgoson June 10  approx.

    Little Corpus
  • Zamorafrom June 22 to June 29

    Saint Peter

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