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Outstanding Fiestas in Castile and Leon

  • Lerma (Burgos)on August 1  approx.

    Baroque Festival
  • Aguilar de Campoo (Palencia)on August 3  approx.

    Fiesta de la Paella Ollerense en Olleros de Pisuerga
  • Segoviaon August 10  approx.

    Saint Lawrence
  • Alar del Rey (Palencia)on August 15  approx.

    Descenso Internacional del Pisuerga
  • La Alberca (Salamanca)on August 15  approx.

    Fiesta of La Alberca
  • Matallana de Torio (Leon)on August 15  approx.

    Our Lady of Boinas
  • Villarramiel (Palencia)on August 24  approx.

    Saint Bartholomew
  • Cuellar (Segovia)on August 25  approx.

    Summer Fiesta
  • Astorga (Leon)on August 25  approx.

    Saint Martha
  • Palenciafrom August 26 to September 3

    Saint Antoninus

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