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Outstanding Fiestas in Castile and Leon

  • Soriaon November 1  approx.

  • Nava del Rey (Valladolid)on November 30  approx.

    Los Pegotes
  • Palenciaon January 1  approx.

    Child's Baptism
  • Poza de la Sal (Burgos)on February 3  approx.

    Escarrete Dance
  • San Esteban del Valle (Avila)from February 5 to February 11

    February Fiesta
  • La Baneza (Leon)on February 10  approx.

  • Ciudad Rodrigo (Salamanca)on February 15  approx.

    Bull's Carnival
  • Cebreros (Avila)on February 15  approx.

    Cebreros Carnival
  • Fuentepelayo (Segovia)on March 1  approx.

    Angel's Fair
  • Valladolidfrom March 12 to May 15


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