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Fiestas in the province of Ourense

  • Ribadaviaon October 28  approx.

    Noite Meiga
  • Esgoson November 5  approx.

    Festa do Magosto
  • La Mercaon November 8  approx.

    Chestnut Festival
  • Orenseon November 10  approx.

  • La Mezquitaon November 11  approx.

    San Martino
  • Pinoron November 11  approx.

    San Martino
  • Parada de Silon November 16  approx.

    Pisa da CastaƱa
  • Monterreyon December 8  approx.

    Festas da Inmaculada
  • Travesoon December 13  approx.

    Saint Lucy
  • Calvos de Randinon January 6  approx.

    dos Reis

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