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Fiestas in La Rioja 3/38

  • Haroon June 29  approx.

    Wine Battle
  • Encisoon June 29  approx.

    Saint Peter
  • Larderofrom June 29 to June 30

    Saint Peter and Saint Martial
  • Leiva (La Rioja)on June 29  approx.

    Saint Paul
  • Arnedoon July 1  approx.

    Fiesta of La Paz
  • Oconon July 5  approx.

    Summer Fiesta of La Villa de Ocon
  • Ventosaon July 5  approx.

    Virgen Blanca
  • Ajamil de Cameroson July 10  approx.

    Saint Christopher
  • Canales de la Sierraon July 10  approx.

    Saint Christopher
  • Cordovinon July 10  approx.

    Saint Christopher

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