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Fiestas in Gipuzkoa

  • Motrico on April 1  approx.

    Mackerel Day
  • Saturdi on April 2  approx.

    Fiesta of Saturdi
  • Fuenterrabia on April 10  approx.

  • Zumaya on April 10  approx.

    Saint Telmo
  • Renteria on April 15  approx.

    Andalusian Fair
  • Renteria on April 25  approx.

    Saint Mark
  • Elorregi on April 27  approx.

    Saint Prudentius
  • Lazcano on April 28  approx.

    Saint Prudentius
  • Irun on April 29  approx.

    Andalusian Fair
  • Larreaundi on April 29  approx.

    Fiesta of Larreaundi-Olaberria

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