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Fiestas in Costa Brava 38/40

  • San Feliu de Guixolson January 5  approx.

    Three Kings' Parade
  • Les Alegrieson January 9  approx.

    Carriers' Festival
  • Fortiaon January 10  approx.

    January Fiesta
  • Sant Julia de Ramison January 10  approx.

    Little Fiesta
  • Llerson January 12  approx.

    Winter Fiesta
  • Angleson January 17  approx.

    Saint Anthony Fair
  • Espollaon January 17  approx.

    Olive Oil Festival
  • Puigpardineson January 17  approx.

    Saint Anthony the Great
  • Santa Pauon January 17  approx.

    Saint Anthony the Great
  • Els Masoson January 18  approx.

    January Fiesta

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