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Fiestas in Costa Blanca

  • Elcheon January 20  approx.

    Fiesta of San Anton
  • Saint Blaiseon January 20  approx.

    Half Year
  • Saxon January 20  approx.

    Saint Sebastian
  • Tibion January 20  approx.

    Half Year
  • Hondon de las Nieveson January 25  approx.

    Half Year
  • Orihuelaon January 25  approx.

    Half Year
  • Alcoyon January 31  approx.

    Procession of Jesuset del Miracle
  • Saxfrom February 1 to February 5

    Saint Blaise
  • Orihuelaon February 2  approx.

    Medieval Market
  • Pilar de la Horadadaon February 2  approx.

    Our Lady of Candelaria

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