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Outstanding Fiestas in Catalonia 3/4

  • Olot (Costa Brava)from September 7 to September 11

    Fiesta of Olot
  • Solsona (Lleida)from September 7 to September 11

    Fiesta of Solsona
  • Reus (Tarragona)from September 21 to September 25

    Virgin of Compassion
  • Tarragonaon September 23  approx.

    Saint Thecla
  • Barcelonaon September 24  approx.

    Our Lady of Mercy
  • Lerida (Lleida)on September 29  approx.

    Autumn Fiestas
  • Gerona (Costa Brava)on October 29  approx.

    Saint Narcissus
  • Sant Boi de Llobregat (Barcelona)from December 6 to December 8

    Fair of the Immaculate Conception
  • Falset (Tarragona)on January 17  approx.

    Saint Anthony
  • Santa Eugenia de Berga (Barcelona)on January 17  approx.

    Saint Anthony the Great

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