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Outstanding Fiestas in Castile la Mancha 5/7

  • La Roda (Albacete)on February 15  approx.

  • Malagon (Ciudad Real)on February 15  approx.

  • Cuencaon March 25  approx.

    Holy Week
  • Toledoon March 28  approx.

    Holy Week
  • Talavera de la Reina (Toledo)on March 30  approx.

  • Carrion de Calatrava (Ciudad Real)on March 30  approx.

    Virgin of the Incarnation
  • Mora (Toledo)on April 25  approx.

    Olive Tree Festival
  • Tamajon (Guadalajara)on April 30  approx.

    Medieval Market
  • Almansa (Albacete)from May 1 to May 6

    Our Lady of Belem
  • Pedro Munoz (Ciudad Real)on May 1  approx.

    May Fiesta

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