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Fiestas in Asturias 4/52

  • Amievaon July 18  approx.

    Santa Marina, Cien.
  • Onison July 18  approx.

    Saint Marina, Gamonedo
  • Penamellera Altaon July 20  approx.

    San Sebastian, Llonin
  • Llaneson July 22  approx.

    Mary Magdalene
  • Boalon July 22  approx.

    Nuestra Senora de la Magdalena, Doiras
  • Cabraleson July 22  approx.

    La Magdalena, Poo
  • Cabraleson July 22  approx.

    La Magdalena, Berodia
  • Candamoon July 22  approx.

    La Magdalena, La Mafalla
  • Cangas del Narceaon July 22  approx.

    La Magdalena, Trasmonte
  • Ibiason July 22  approx.

    Santa Maria Magdalena, Marentes

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