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Fiestas in Asturias 4/51

  • Cangas de Onison September 8  approx.

    Virgin of Covadonga
  • Caraviaon September 8  approx.

    Nuestra Senora de la Consolacion, Caravia Alta
  • Carrenoon September 8  approx.

    Virgin of Covadonga, Perlora
  • Carrioon September 8  approx.

    Fiesta of Carrio
  • Deganaon September 8  approx.

    Virgen de Covandonga, Cerredo
  • Illanoon September 8  approx.

    Virgen del Pastur
  • Langreoon September 8  approx.

    Nuestra Senora del Carbayu
  • Lavianaon September 8  approx.

    La Virgen del Rosario, Lorio
  • Lavianaon September 8  approx.

    Nuestra Senora de Cortina, Cortina
  • Llaneraon September 8  approx.

    Covadonga, La Morgal

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