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Fiestas in the province of Albacete

  • Casas de Veson April 1  approx.

    Virgin of the Incarnation
  • Almansaon April 23  approx.

    Battle of Almansa
  • Golosalvoon April 23  approx.

    Saint George
  • Madriguerason April 23  approx.

    Saint George
  • Alcarazon April 25  approx.

    Medieval Market
  • Fuente Alamoon April 25  approx.

    Saint Mark
  • Montalvoson April 25  approx.

    Fiestas de San Marcos
  • Povedillaon April 25  approx.

    Pilgrimage of Saint Mark
  • Viveroson April 25  approx.

    Saint Mark
  • Nerpioon April 26  approx.

    April Fiesta

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